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The very well-known saying that “your first impression is always the last”, works very true for the real estate business. This is because when you take one glance at a house, something inside your head tells you if you want to think about exploring it or not! This is what is curb appeal all about.
Curb appeal is something that is used to make the house, which is for sale, look more impressive and attractive to the customer’s eye. It is done by improving the aesthetic value of the estate, using landscapes, gardens, external painting, architectural symmetry and lighting ideas.
The job of improving the aesthetics of a house is usually done by the homeowner who wants to sell the place, but the promotion is done by real estate dealers who bring in clients. Therefore, if you are interested in improving the external look of your property, find a few curb appeal ideas mentioned here, it will help you grab the extra buck!
Ideas to Choose From
As mentioned earlier, it is the appeal of a property that convinces the buyer to take a second look. Many homeowners make sure they include these ideas of designing and landscaping before they put out the property for sale. Nowadays, it has become more of a necessity to do so, as no one would like to buy a home that looks old.
However, many times, homeowners think, getting the entire property made to look beautiful would cost them a bomb, but they are mistaken. Among the various inexpensive ideas, which you can choose from to beautify your house, we have a few basic ones.
Use Landscapes and Plants
Upscale Home with Gorgeous Flower Garden
One of the biggest assets of selling a house is to make it look impressive to the buyers eyes. And you can very effectively do this by adding the colors to your garden.
Landscaping in the backyard or the front garden can be a very effective selling tool as buyers love to see a home which is well maintained and organized. You can also add a bit of architectural symmetry around this landscape with tiles in the lawn, benches, a fountain, a patio, swimming pool with deck, or simply a wooden veranda with furniture.
Arrangement patio living space
Hanging plants, potted plants, flower gardens and ornamental plants will definitely add to the beauty of your home. You don’t have to settle for very expensive ideas, but use unique and creative ones which are strikingly attractive.
Paint the Exteriors
View of House from Backyard
Another factor which makes the selling house look attractive and eye-catching is the way it is painted. The wall exteriors, windows and doors, roof, veranda, patios and the staircase is something which is present in almost every home.
At these points, you can use light colors like white, blue, cream, gray, lemon, peach and even purple for exterior painting of your house. You also have to make sure they are all in good condition.
If you have a wooden exterior, polishing it will surely give it a brand new glow, and you can also save on painting expenses. Painting the house, makes it look very clean, maintained and likable, so make sure you choose the right color for your property.
Lighting Arrangements
New house ideal for family
If your buyer comes to visit the house in the evening or by night fall, you don’t want to display a house which has no lights inside or outside the house!
You can add a simple lamp on the wall so that the landscapes and the surrounding of the house are visible in the dark too. You can improve the aesthetic value by adding some trendy lamps and lanterns, a lamp post in the garden, or even a tiny chandelier in the porch.
With these simple yet effective ideas, you will surely have a long waiting list for buyers. So, make sure you make the property attractive with the interesting ideas given here before putting it up for sale. Think of adding curb appeal as an investment and not as an expenditure, because it can help you grab the highest possible price out of the sale.