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It is not the case that every time you get up to open the door to your apartment or house, an antisocial element is crouching outside it to charge you. However, in today’s time this possibility cannot be ruled out completely so, why take chances. How about using some device which will enable you to communicate across the door from the safety of your living room while sitting on your sofa or lazing in your beanbag. Wireless door intercom, that is equipped for two-way communication, lets you speak to the visitors on the other side of the door without having to open it. This goes a long way in separating wheat from the chaff, and avoiding having to face a difficult situation. You can also install such a system inside a house, if it is too large, to communicate with people in the other rooms and save time and physical efforts.
Working of a Wireless Door Intercom
A typical two-way wireless door intercom is made up of a door station unit and a master unit. The door station unit contains a doorbell button, a microphone and a speaker. The door station unit can be mounted outside the door to the main entrance of your house or the entrance of a building. The master unit is kept in the house, conveniently placed for your use. It has a ‘talk’ button, a microphone and a speaker. Both these units can communicate with each other by sending radio signals. When the visitor presses the doorbell button, the door station unit transmits a signal to the master unit which alerts you of a visitor’s presence. Pressing the doorbell button also activates the microphone and speaker in the door station unit. By pressing the ‘talk’ button on the master unit, you can converse with the visitor. This system can also be installed and used in a business establishment to manage visitors.
Types of Wireless Door Intercoms
In a traditional intercom system, wires are installed to interconnect floors of a building or rooms a house. A wireless system is easy to install because there are no wires to cut, join or install. In fact, you can start using these systems immediately after plugging them in an electrical power source.

  • Door Intercom: Wireless intercom systems offering 2 door station units and one master unit are available. They are really useful in attending visitors in establishments with 2 entrances. Some users prefer systems that offer a 1 door station unit and 2 master units. The door station unit is shared by two users, each using a master unit of his own.
  • Video Wireless Intercom: Wireless door intercom systems, equipped with a video camera, are very useful in identifying a visitor. A video camera is connected to the door station unit. When a visitor presses the doorbell button, it activates the camera which starts taking images of the visitor. The door station unit sends these images to the master station, where you can view them on a screen while talking to the visitor. This system works as if it has a wireless security camera that is capable of handling conversations as well.
  • Outdoor Wireless Intercom: Most of the outdoor wireless intercom devices that are on the offer have an effective range of up to 4 miles. The master unit is installed in the house or office. On a field trip, you can use a hand-held, wireless unit, so you can talk to your assistant at the office, or a person in your house to keep yourself informed.

Whenever you use a wireless intercom, radio signals are transmitted back and forth between the door and master unit. These radio signals can be captured using an electronic scanner. It is a radio device that is used to receive radio signals and can be used to eavesdrop on one’s conversation. Wireless instruments that operate on the same radio frequency, as your wireless intercom can also be used for listening to your conversations. There are some intercoms that use 900 MHz radio frequency band to transmit and receive radio signals. These devices use digital technology to make listening into your conversation difficult.

Wireless Video Intercoms for Indoor Use
Name of the Product Price
Wireless Video Intercom Door Phone by Brickhouse Security $399.95
AP90204 – Atrix Wireless 2-Way Video Intercom $230
AP90302 – Atrix Wireless 2-Way Video Extra Monitor for Intercoms Kit $120
Wireless Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell With 1 Monitors 1 Camera $200
Home Security 3.5Inch TFT Color Display Wireless Video Doorphone Intercom $165
Wireless Intercoms for Indoor Use
Name of the Product Price
JK Audio BlueSet Wireless Headset Interface for Intercoms (4Pin XLRF) $237
IVISION – Optex Wireless 2-Way Intercom System with Video $215
WireFree Wireless 900MHz Doorbell and Intercom $109.00
Chamberlain NDIS Wireless Doorbell and Intercom $149.95
Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Portable Intercom TWO PACK $154.95
Wireless Intercoms for Outdoor Use
Name of the Product Price
UWS WireFree Outdoor 900MHz Intercom (Set of 2) $157.00
Chamberlain Wireless Outdoor Intercoms $119.00
Chamberlain NTD2 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Remote Intercom Unit 2-PACK $119.95
Wireless Outdoor Intercom 5W T-2217/3217 $55-75
MURS 110 Commercial Handheld Two-Way Radio $299.00
In a high-rise corporate or hospital building or in a factory or a warehouse sprawled over a large area, wireless intercom systems can be used for instant communication by the office staff as well as by the security guards, thus saving several man hours. For a disabled person, this system saves a lot of physical efforts, for by just keeping the instrument within reach enables him to start a communication or ask for help. Though these systems, offer security from physical violence, you should be careful what you discuss over them. Sometimes there is a chance of other wireless instruments such as cordless phones, wireless data networks or audio speakers installed in your office or household receiving signals from it. On the other hand, electromagnetic pulses from the electrical instruments such as motors or vehicles can interfere with your system and lower the quality of communication.