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People go to great lengths to protect everything that they hold dear. With the crime rate increasing by the day, and the various innovations in the techniques that criminals use, it has become somewhat necessary to make sure that everything in one’s home is kept under lock and key. To keep away your valuables and assets from prying eyes and for the safety and security of the home members, wall safes have become a necessity in homes.
Reviews of Top 3 Wall Safes
A good wall safe is one which should include the following features: it should be burglar-resistant, water-resistant (in case of flooding) and fire-resistant as well. In addition to these, the safe should be strongly built with a good finish to be able to withstand constant wear and tear. In this section, we will share with you reviews of some quite popular wall safes. You can read about their features and then go ahead and check them out at the nearest outlet that offers them. They are all enlisted with their dimensions and their most salient features. Read them, and pick the one that suits your needs the most.
Secustar Electronic Digital Wall Safe
The dimensions of the exterior of Secustar Electronic Digital Wall Safe are 22.5 inches (height) x 14.25 inches (width) x 4 inches (depth). The internal dimensions of this safe are 19 inches (height) x 14 inches (width) x 3 7/8 inches (depth). One of the best features of this safe is that it has an electronic locking system. The interior of the safe has a volume of about .50 feet3. Apart from the electronic locking system, another thing that will make you feel confident about it is that it is made of heavy-duty gauge steel and is totally burglar resistant. It also has an override system for the key lock which will automatically disallow wrong pass codes to be used. It is not too difficult to install either. So all in all, a ‘safe’ safe to have at home.
PWS-1522 Stack-On Wall Safe
This wall safe has the following dimensions: 13 13/16 (height) x 3 ¾ (width) x 20 5/8 (depth). The PWS-1522 Stack-On Wall Safe, as the name suggests, can be stacked up on a wall, which makes it very easy to conceal. This safe also comes with an electronic locking system. It has an overriding system for wrong key combinations. Since it is fairly small, it can be used to store small but valuable things like important documents, a gun, jewelry, etc. It is very easy to install and can be easily concealed within your home. It has two shelves, so you can segregate your valuables too. So get this solidly designed safe and rest assured that your belongings are safe within.
Holon Home Safe HS-340D
The Holon Home Safe HS-340D comes in the following outer dimensions: 12 1/8 inches (height), 16 ¼ (width) and 13 inches (depth). The inside dimensions are: 9 1/16 inches (height), 13 1/3 (width) and 8 6/7 (depth). This is a sturdy safe that is also popular for its ability to withstand fire for close to 1 hour. Though it is not electronic, it does have a very strong and durable built, which has round locking bolts and side bolts as well. It is perfect for storing small objects and also important documents. It comes with an attached anchor at the bottom, which makes it easier to fix.
Well, those were the top 3 wall safes that are undoubtedly the most popular in the market. So, get your home one of these efficient and durable home security systems and have a good night’s sleep. An unfortunate event is something you cannot foresee, but the least you can do is prevent it by taking the responsibility of the safety and security of your family seriously.