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A hidden eye in the sky is the key way to monitor what is going on, either outdoors or indoors. Whether you own a small business or shop or investing in home security, a security camera is the necessary piece of equipment required for your monitoring needs. With gigantic leaps in technology, the latest security camera models are designed for stealthy but watchful high-quality video capture, at the same time, resistant to any tampering or the impact of weather. For nighttime monitoring, night vision cameras, which are a different type of security camera have slightly more complex specs.
Night vision cameras must be able to function at low or little light surroundings. Image or video captured must not be blurry, or out of focus and faces or features should be identifiable. At the same time, the range of capture should also be sufficient. Security cameras that function at night, should have a full color day mode and a infra-red night mode, for optimum performance. An additional feature is audio or sound pickup. In this article, a few night vision security camera reviews are provided to narrow down your search for top surveillance equipment.
Night Vision Security Camera System – Bullet Design
► Night Owl CAM-CM01-245
  • Medium-sized bullet shaped camera
  • Records up to a distance of 45 feet
  • Camera will connect to DVD and TV devices, to view recordings
  • Camera is equipped with 24 LED’s and has a resolution of 400 TV lines
  • Built for both indoor and outdoor use with weatherproof features
  • Easy setup with 3-axis bracket
  • Packaging includes 60 feet power cable and adapter
  • Price: $40 (approximately)
► SVAT VU500-C
  • Compact bullet shaped security camera
  • Uses Sony® CCD imaging sensor
  • Built in 24 LEDs and 420 TV line resolution with 6.0 mm lens for top-of-the-line pickup
  • Captures images up to distance of 50 feet
  • Day and night modes, designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sturdy aluminum casing, vandal, weather and dust proof
  • Sun shield to block out glare and wire protective mount, to minimize tampering
  • Price: $130 (approximately)
► Defender SP500-C Long Range Night Vision Hi-Res Indoor/Outdoor CCD Camera
  • Bullet shaped camera with day and night operation modes
  • 420 TV lines resolution with 24 LEDs and 6.0 mm lens
  • Uses Sony® CCD imaging system
  • Camera can record up to a distance of 50 feet in low or no light conditions
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Camera has changeable sun shield to block out glare
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum housing for minimal tampering
  • Price: $273
► Exelon EBR-V655H
  • Bullet-shaped security camera
  • Functions in both color and B/W modes
  • Used 50 mm varifocal lens and is equipped with 42 IR lens
  • Day and night modes
  • Features include motion detection, privacy masking and mirror or flip imaging
  • Price: $280
► Sony SSC-DC593 Fixed Color Camera with Wide-D, Day/Night and 480 TVL
  • Bullet shaped compact fixed camera
  • Functions in day and night mode
  • Resolution rate of 480 TV lines with ⅓ CCD lens
  • Dual white balance mode and backlight compensation for crisp capture
  • Comes with AC line lock and auto switches between AC and DC power voltages
  • Price: $618
Best Night Vision Security Camera – Dome Design
► VideoSecu Outdoor Dome Night Vision IR CCD Security Camera
  • Compact and discreet dome shaped camera
  • CCD imaging sensor functions in day and night mode
  • 420 TV resolution with 20 LEDs with 3.6 mm lens
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use with weather resistant features
  • Price: $45 (approximately)
► Spyville Wireless Night Vision Camera Kit
  • Weatherproof, dome shaped camera with 6 mm lens
  • 30 IR LED lights with CMOS Imaging sensor for very precise nighttime capturing
  • Can capture images and video up to 50 feet of distance
  • Audio pickup through built-in microphone
  • Camera can record and store video to DVD or VCR device
  • Can function both wireless and with wires
  • Operates in 2.4 Ghz wireless band
  • Kit comes with camera and 4 channel receiver with AC power suppliers
  • Price: $130
► NUVICO CD-HD2N-LI Indoor Dome Camera With 18 LEDs
  • Dome shaped camera with 2.9 mm fixed lens (only focus can be changed)
  • 550 TV lines resolution factor and 18 IR LED’s
  • Functions in day and night mode
  • 3-axis gimbal system allows easy setup and operation
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Price: $188
► Sony SSCCD77 Mini dome Vandal Resistant Color Camera
  • Vari-focal lens (changeable angles) with 3.6x zoom
  • Utilized 540 TV lines resolution with ⅓ CCD system
  • Quick and easy installation, Ball-Joint Lens Mount® technology allows adjustable tilting and pan angles
  • Outdoor and indoor use with vandal-proof, durable design
  • Switches automatically between day mode in color to night mode in B/W
  • Powerful capture features include backlight compensation, auto tracing white balance and auto gain control
  • Ac line lock allows camera to connect to a multiple camera support power line
  • Price: $588
► Q-See QPD308
  • Small and very discreet dome camera
  • Color video capture enable with ¼ inch Sony CCD imaging sensor
  • 420 TV lines resolution and 3.6 mm lens
  • Equipped with 23 IR LED’s to allow capture up to 30 feet
  • Comes with 60 feet cable and power adapter
  • Price: Between $80 – $130
The above night vision security camera reviews emphasize the complexity and precision, that comes with such specialized equipment. Price range differs with high-end or top-of-the-line products being a bit expensive but the feature set offered is impressive. Difficult imaging settings and working conditions as well as being vandal resistant, have given night vision cameras, a niche of their own in the security or spyware category of electronics.