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The media reports about people being burgled or assaulted in their own houses notwithstanding, citizens all over the world have become conscious about their safety and security. Metal detectors, smoke alarms, safety alarms, home security systems, spy cameras, etc., are a significant part of the extensive safety measures applied all across the globe.
Product Reviews
Broadview Home Security System
The company claims to provide state-of-the-art security system with decent alarm systems and is the next generation of Brink’s home security. But having said that, it has to be mentioned that they are undoubtedly the most expensive of the lot. Reviews from customers involve comments and feedback both in favor and total dissatisfaction.
ADT Home Security System
This is another well-known name in the arena of security systems. Their monitoring service is apparently very good and are reliable as per some of the consumer reports. The system includes a touch pad with a large display, 2 door or window contacts, a motion detector, a 2-way voice communication system and a wireless key chain remote, fast alarm response, 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance with home security cameras, and intrusion detection. The drawbacks of this system are that $299 have to be paid upfront for the system and there is no free trial.
Guardian Protection Home Security System
This provides burglary and fire protection, personal emergency services, 24-hour monitoring and choice of bonuses with purchase. There is a thumbs up to this as far as price and customer service is concerned. The disadvantages are that a credit check is required, and they do not provide protection for renters.
Alarm Force Home Security System
As per consumer reports, this can be in the list of reliable security systems. Alarmplus notification, alarmcare personal security, free installation, free equipment and full warranty, along with low monthly monitoring rates is where this system wins many brownie points. The only problem with this is that the licenses are not mentioned on the website.
Protect America
Protect America provides 3 Free equipment packages, wireless systems, and 24 Hour Monitoring. The customer service too is pretty good. The system includes up to 15 contacts, a motion detector and a garage door sensor all for only $99 according to a review.
Eventually there are going to be differences in opinion. Consult a adviser before you zero in upon a product. In addition to that, choose a security system which will have a control panel which can keep tabs on all the zones in your home.