Tray Ceiling Lighting

Tray ceilings are a good idea if you are looking for an elegant design of ceiling, and want to create the illusion of depth and space in a room. Tray ceiling are called so, because they tend to look like an upside down tray. Tray ceilings come in various designs. Most common are the rectangular tray ceiling designs. But circular and pentagonal tray ceiling designs can also be seen. Tray ceilings look classy. One way to add more to the tray ceiling and the room is to introduce some neat and decorative lighting. This will quickly add to the decor and ambiance of the room. It will also bring attention to the ceiling, which will make the room appear even bigger.
Tray Ceiling Lighting Ideas
There are many ways to install lighting for tray ceiling. If you want a seamless job of lighting, then go with rope lighting. Install the rope lights in such a way that the rope can’t be seen. This will give a soft and smooth lighting effect to the room. Rope lighting is created basically using a long flexible tube which consists of small strung lights. These lights give a characteristic warm glow and enhance the look of the ceiling.
Another way to do a smooth lighting job is to go for recessed lighting. If you want a relaxing and cozy ambiance and don’t want the lights to serve as visual points then go for this kind of lights. There are many recessed lights which can dim automatically or can be used to create a graduated lighting. This can give you control, as it will allow you to dim certain areas of the room like couch and lit up areas like a dining table in the room.
If you feel there is not enough light coming in the room, then consider going for solar tube lighting. These big lights can go with the design of the tray shape of the ceiling and at the same time lit up a dull room. You can buy these lights in round or rectangular shape. Also, if you want you custom tint the glass of the solar light to create a particular ambiance.
These were some lighting ideas to create a soft and smooth look. But, if you wish to try something fun and eye-catching then you can go for some hanging ceiling lighting. These can be done in combination with rope lighting or with can lights too. You can keep a center hanging light fixture and at sides keep some additional lights. This will create a great accent. Or you can simply get many hanging lights which look similar and install them in various places on the ceiling.
There are many modern pendant or hanging light fixtures. The most affordable one to add to the ceiling is Chinese paper lamp. These are inexpensive and give a modern decor look too. You can also go for some pendant lights. They come in beautiful colors and designs. If you wish to try something different, then go for some modern art lighting fixture.
A classic way to add hanging light to the ceiling is to use a chandelier for lighting the ceiling. Chandeliers are regal looking light fixtures. So, you can go for a colored chandelier or a transparent one. You can also go for a metal encased one or a full glass one. No matter which kind of chandelier you choose, make sure it goes with the home decor as well.
So, you can pick any type of lighting which helps you set a good mood, but at the same time lights up the space. But, be a little creative and you will have an attractive looking ceiling space.