Basement Lighting

Basement being the lowermost portion of the house is generally ignored. However, with some good decorating ideas you can make your basement look really great and make it into a recreational room.
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When constructing a basement or remodeling it, one of the important things you need to consider is the lighting. Lighting plays an important role, when it comes to decorating a space.
Natural and Artificial Light
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When it comes to lighting design, the first thing you need to consider is the natural and artificial light. There is no substitute for natural light, so make maximum use of your basement windows.
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If you feel the source of natural lighting is limited or not enough, then consider additional windows or other natural light source. However, to add more light to your basement, add the artificial lights too.
Lighting Design
Ambient Light In Modern Apartment
For home lighting, remember these three basics. First you will need to add the general lighting which is also called ambient light. This makes the overall lighting.
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Then comes accent lighting, which is to highlight specific details in the room. For example, a texture painted wall, a wine cellar, photographs, or even a trophy. Next comes the task lighting, which is nothing but illumination provided to a workspace or area where the children will be playing.
So, whenever you are installing lights, always go first with the ambient lighting, then install the accent lighting and finally the task lighting. This will help you get a good judgment of how much or how less light is required and thus, balance the overall light.
Recessed and Surface Mounted Lighting
Now, comes the question of what sort of lights you need. For the main light source, you need to decide if you wish to go for recessed lighting or surface mounted lighting. This is an important step when deciding the lighting layout. Both types of lighting system have their own benefits.
Here are some pros and cons that will help you to decide between these two for an unfinished basement lighting system. Recessed lighting being lofted on the ceiling is unobtrusive. While surface mounted lighting takes up more space, but can serve as lighting fixtures too.
Recessed lighting is more modern, but more expensive too. Also, the installation is difficult and will cost you more. So, decide between these two first and then decide about the accent and task lighting.
Types of Lights
Types of bulbs
When selecting the light fixtures or general basement lights, it is recommended that you go with the energy-saving lights. LEDs, which are light emitting diode lights are energy-saving lights.
You can use CFL, compact fluorescent lights which has a screw-in base, so that you can save more energy. LEDs are not as common as CFLs, but they have a longer life and are better when it comes to saving energy. Also, LEDs don’t need a filament to illuminate, so it is tiny in size. It makes an ideal light.
When installing these lights, go with some lights which have a dimmer switch. A dimming switch can be of great utility, as it can help the homeowner to dim the light whenever required. For example, while watching TV you can dim the light, but while reading you can increase the intensity of the light. Dimming light switch system helps to change the ambiance.
So, select the right type of lights for the basement and balance the natural and artificial lighting to create a beautifully-lit basement space!