How to Choose the Right Ironing Board

Most people feel that it is not necessary to invest in a piece of furniture that is meant for such an ordinary and everyday activity such as ironing. However, this is not true as clothes if not ironed properly, can ruin your look. To ensure that your clothes are free from creases, you should iron them on a surface that is flat and smooth, with an adjustable height, allowing you to iron at whichever height you are comfortable with. Using an ironing board makes it easy for us to iron our garments and not only this, it helps us do it faster too!
Choosing the Right Ironing Board
Before you set out to get an ironing board for your home, there are a few things that you must know about. Here you’ll find what to look for while selecting an ironing board.
Size of the Board
The size of the ironing board matters and so does its shape. However, when it comes to the shape and size, you need to choose one that suits your needs, depending on what kind of clothes you need to iron. A small ironing board might be easy to store and also portable, but would be of little use for ironing garments such as evening gowns, maxi dresses, etc. In case you wish to know what is the average size of an ironing board, then let me tell you that it is around 50-60 inches long with an average width of 15-20 inches.
Adjustable Legs
When it comes to the legs of the ironing board, they should be adjustable, so that you can change the height of the board above the floor. Scissor-action legs are the most popular, and practical as well. An ironing board with adjustable height is preferred because any member of the family, irrespective of his/her height, can use such a board. Also, you can choose to increase or decrease the height of the board, depending on whether you wish to sit or stand while you do your ironing. To prevent backache when using the ironing board while standing, it is recommended that you adjust the height of the legs such that the board reaches somewhere near your waist or a little below it.
Outlet for Steam
If you use a steam iron, then you need to have an ironing board that allows the steam to pass through your clothes instead of condensing below them. A mesh ironing board would be the ideal choice. An ironing board with vent holes on the base, serves the purpose quite well too.
Cover of the Board
As for the cover of the ironing board, it should be smooth and should not slip easily. If you choose a cover that keeps on shifting every now and then, you would end up adjusting the cover time and again, instead of ironing. Choosing a cover made from a material that reflects heat or is coated with a layer of reflective paint, will help in smoothing out the creases from the underside of the garments you’re ironing. However, covers made from soft natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, etc., are the most preferred. A layer of padding on your board, just below the cover, is essential to protect your clothes from the steam that accumulates below the board and gets released from the vent holes.
Easily Portable
There are three types of ironing boards: built-in ironing boardsportable ironing boards and table-top ironing boards. Built-in boards are the ones that can be fixed to your wall, while the portable ones are the ones that you can carry or move about in the house. Easy to store and carry, table-top ironing boards do not come with legs or supports but can be placed on a table or any such flat surface. The frame of the free-standing ironing boards should be strong enough to not get knocked over by the slightest pressure.
Another noteworthy feature of an ironing board is the support for the iron, known as the iron-rest, which should be strong enough. This is to ensure safety of the person using the board, as a hot iron can cause injuries.
That was all about the most important things to look for while choosing an ironing board. Here’s hoping the given pointers make your task of selecting an ironing board easier.