Dinning Room
The first thing to do before bringing a new furniture item to the house is getting an idea of the available space. Planning can be done properly if correct measurements regarding dining tables for small spaces are available.
The most important thing to consider after getting all the measurement is to reserve at least 2-2½ feet space between walls of the room and table edges. A round-shaped table may not be always useful for small spaces.
In the rooms that are narrow and have an awkward length, a bench-like dining table would fit-in well. You can try out various shapes and combinations of dining tables for the specific settings and space available in your house. Information presented here would be useful in the selection of dining room furniture for small spaces.
The product description of dining room tables for small spaces is provided in the next section. These are amongst the best dining tables for small spaces available in the market. Some interesting dining room decorating ideas can be obtained through following product descriptions.
5 Piece Dining Set
This dining table has a sturdy design and is manufactured from rubber-wood. The frame is made of hardwood. Lacquered finish is the specialty of this product. Dimensions of this table are: 36 inch. (height) x 36 inch. (width) x 60 inch. (length). 4 chairs and a table included in this furniture piece, make it a 5 piece dining set. The product costs $468.
Bistro Dining Table
It is one of the ideal dining table product suitable for small spaces. Size of this table is 30 inches (length) x 29.5 inches (height) and 30 inches (width). This round-shaped table can be used both in traditional and modern settings. The clear, lacquered, veneer top gives this dining table a shiny appearance. Price of this table is $233.99.
3 Piece Dining Set
Interior Of Dining Room
This 3 piece set containing 2 chairs is made from composite hardwood. In order to take proper care of this product, one should wipe it with a damp cloth. The dining set costs $185.99.
Types of Tables For Small Spaces
  • Folding Tables: Such tables save a lot of space when not in use. One can also think about using TV trays where space is a constraint.
  • Convertible Dining Tables: The convertible tables can be converted into other forms of furniture like the game tables, sofa tables, etc. These tables not only save space, but also are multi-purpose in functionality.
  • Drop Leaf Tables: The drop leaf tables are similar to folding tables. These tables cannot be folded completely flat and they also can’t be set aside after use. A hinged section at the sides proves to be useful in folding down the table.
  • Gateleg Table: The gateleg table can be termed as a hybrid of convertible and drop-leaf table. These tables have drop leaves on both the sides. Legs of such tables can be swung open from the folded position in order to support the drop leaves.
Tips on Choosing a Dining Table
  • In small spaces, the dining table can be used as a makeshift study center or craft platform for kids. The tables should therefore, be strong and sturdy.
  • One might consider the option of using antique pieces for small spaces. It is not a bad idea to choose antique furniture however, the material used in the preparation need to be a reinforced one.
  • Needs of the family should also be taken into account while selecting a dining set. Rounded tables are useful for small families. Large families can make use of gateleg or drop leaf tables.
It is not necessary to compulsorily have grand and decorative furniture pieces to make the house appear beautiful. The ideas mentioned here should be helpful. One should try the ideas about dining tables mentioned in this post, to get a fair idea of what is needed in the household.