Bedroom Interior
The bedroom of your home is a place where you relax after a long day at work. It should have a soothing and tranquil atmosphere and to achieve that, you need the right decorating items.
Lot of people tend to use too many decorative elements in the bedroom which makes it look cluttered and like a museum. To avoid this, make sure that you decorate your bedroom tastefully and keep away from too many knickknacks. The first thing you need to do while thinking of wall decorations for bedrooms, is the theme for your bedroom.
Minimalist Modern Bedroom
Asian inspired Zen bedroom decor is very popular right now and you can create it with minimum effort. Other bedroom decorating themes that you might like are cottage style bedrooms, modern minimalistic bedroom and a princess style bedroom.
Whatever bedroom style you choose, it can be enhanced by the use of wall decorations. Let’s have a look at some wall decoration ideas for bedroom.
Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas
Wall Painting Techniques
Bright Master Bedroom
One of the simplest way to decorate the walls of a bedroom is painting the walls in a pleasing wall color combination and finish.
You can also create a dramatic statement by painting one of the walls in a darker hue like cobalt blue, crimson, wine or aubergine. The rest of the walls can be painted in a complementary color. Experiment with different finishes and textures to create a unique bedroom wall.
Orange and white color bedroom
You can also opt for different wall painting techniques like sponge painting, strie painting or painting stripes and chequers in two or three different colors.
These wall painting techniques do not require any prior knowledge of painting and can be done by you very easily.
Wallpaper as Wall Decoration
Does painting walls as wall decorations not sound too appealing? Well, why not try wallpaper as decorations for your bedroom walls.
You will be amazed at the sheer variety of patterns and designs of wallpaper that is available. You can even have your wallpaper personalized by having a design that matches with the curtains and upholstery of your bedroom.
Master Bedroom Interior
To create a dramatic statement in your modern minimalistic bedroom, cover the wall behind the bed with bold black and white contemporary wallpaper pattern. Adding moldings to your bedroom wall when you have a high ceiling also works as bedroom wall decor as it makes the room look cozy and inviting.
Wall Hangings and Paintings
master bedroom
One of the most traditional ways of decorating walls is by Hanging wall art, painting and wall hangings. Choose an oil painting or watercolor painting that appeals to you and hang it on the wall just above your bed.
You can choose a large painting or group together four or five paintings in attractive frames to liven up the bedroom. If you love textiles and prints, one very good way of using them as wall decor for bedrooms is to frame them with attractive and antique frames and hang them on the bedroom walls.
Modern Bedroom Interior
Modern abstract paintings are ideal for adding that pop of color in a bedroom interior, and landscapes and portraits are just right for an English cottage style bedroom.
Wall Murals and Mirrors
Bright Master Bedroom
Artistically inclined? Then you can create a beautiful wall mural for your bedroom wall. If you want something more understated, you can go in for stenciling a border on the walls of the bedroom or using lace covered in paint to create a unique detail on the wall.
Whatever you do, just make sure that the end result looks graceful. A good wall decorations for bedrooms is to use antique silver frames that has a lot of details and use it to frame mirrors. Large wall mirrors hung on the bedroom wall makes a great style statement.
Villa Bedroom
A bedroom should always look tranquil and relaxing and you can give your bedroom that ambiance by using beautiful wall decorations. Use proper lighting to bring out every decorative element of your bedroom and use curtains and drapes to complete the look. Enjoy decorating!