With some cool color schemes and fun items, you can create a beautifully decorated bedroom. When it comes to teen bedroom decorating, there are many things you should consider first. The first and foremost is who is staying in the room, does it belong to an individual or is shared by two, and what is the age of the person? Also, asking the person who is going to stay in the room to select the paint colors, furniture, and other decorative items will make them appreciate the bedroom better.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teens

  • First of all, consider who is going to stay in the room. If it is a girl, then go with some feminine soft-looking decorating ideas and color like pink or purple. If the room belongs to a guy, then go with shades like blue, brown, etc. However, if the space is shared, then instead of going with these typical colors, go with colors like yellow, green, or even gray. Creating a mix and match with many colors will give a vibrant and even more colorful and funky-looking room.
  • If you want a particular theme for the bedroom, then go through various cool bedroom design and scheme ideas for girls and guys. For girls, princess, ballerina, or Disney theme work good. For guys, race cars, space, or sports theme look great. But, if the space is shared by a boy and a girl, then go with some themes which are liked by both like music, beach, retro, etc.
  • So, pick the appropriate colors and get the walls painted with them. Some good stencil art or painting ideas on the wall look great. You can pick the colors for bedrooms, which are liked by you and the person who is going to live in the bedroom.
  • Once you are done with this, then consider the bedroom furniture. This is a very important part, as the furniture should be able to serve the practical purpose and should go with the bedroom decor too. First of all, look at the space in the bedroom, is the bedroom small or large? For small teenage bedding ideas go with loft beds, as they can serve as play area with bed or study area with bed, or even a seating area with bed. If the room is shared and small in size then loft beds or bunk beds are a great idea. However, if the bedroom space is big, then you can go with twin beds with storage under them.
  • A dressing mirror with cabinet is a good idea, as it can also serve as storage and to get ready for school. But, if the bedroom is small, then install a big mirror in the bathroom, as this will help to clear up the space in the small teenage bedroom.
  • Now, comes adding different items to decorate the room. If you don’t want the room to look cluttered, then avoid using too many accents. Many items which are necessary in the bed can itself serve as accents. For example, a car-shaped bed or a beautiful table lamp. But, if you want to add some more to the room for decoration, you can find many funky-looking items at a bargain price. Check online stores and select few items. You can also go to the open market to find various decorative items.

These were the furnishing, decorating, and painting ideas for teen girls room and boys room. So, use the above ideas and create great-looking bedroom space for teens.