Are you bored with the mundane look of your bedroom and want to give it a stylish new look like that of a hotel room? If your answer is yes, then here are a few tips coming your way to give your bedroom a makeover.

Let’s look as the different aspects that add to the aesthetics of a hotel room and how you can implement them in your bedroom. The two main factors that makes a hotel room beautiful and comfortable are, its decor and the facilities provided in it.

Giving a Makeover to Your Bedroom

This article is for those who want to give a complete makeover to their bedrooms which involves a considerable amount of expenditure and time and also for those who want to do it spending less money and time. If you are looking at making a complete makeover, then keep in mind that you will need to have a heavy budget in hand and a few day’s time to accomplish it. And, if you want to give your bedroom a hotel room feel without spending much and in less time, then I am going to give you simple tips and advises.

Okay, so what’s the first thing that we like or notice in a hotel room. It’s the ambiance. The color on the walls, the lighting and how all the necessary items in your room have been arranged, makes a hotel room welcoming. And when you talk about ambiance, it’s the decor that contributes a great deal.

Decor in Your Bedroom

Your furniture and the show pieces are the most important part of your decor. Let’s have a look at the different units of furniture and how you can arrange them.

A Wardrobe or a Closet
Get yourself a wardrobe or a closet with sliding doors, that will fit in all your clothes, so that you don’t have clothes lying or hanging outside. It spoils the look of your room and makes it look messy. Arrange your wardrobe along the wall on either sides of the bed, or in the opposite direction if you have a wall partition.

Center Table
Get yourself a center table that matches with your decor and place it in the center, if your room is spacious or else place along the wall in the center of your room. You can keep all your snacks, drinks, etc., on it. It works like a mini dining table. Pair your center table with two chairs or a two-seater couch.

Dressing Table
Normally, all the rooms have a dressing table in them. A dressing table has a long mirror that can give you an entire view of yourself and a quite a few drawers to keep various things like jewelry, perfumes, scarfs, and other accessories. Place your dressing table along a wall where there is a lot of space; this could be next to your wardrobe or on the other side.

Show Pieces
Hotel rooms have vases and some paintings that give the room a classy look. Get yourself a beautiful glass vase and a painting you like and hang it on your bedroom wall. Get your favorite flowers and arrange them in the vase. And don’t forget to replace them in every two days. If replacing them is not very convenient then buy artificial flowers and have them in your vase as long as you like.

Tip: Get a painting that increases positivity in your room.

Romantic Bed
Bed is the first thing you look at when you enter a hotel room, as that defines your comfort during your stay. Get yourself a king size bed, even if you are married or single. There is no better treat than having all the space to move anywhere you feel like. The mattress on your bed should be soft and relaxing, if you don’t have one already then get a new one. Get two or three large pillows and 3 small pillows and place them on the bed. And as a cherry on the cake, get yourself a down comforter. Down comforters are magical! For me they are a must have, even if you don’t want to invest in anything else.

Fix soffit lights in your room and say ‘bye-bye’ to the bright lights. Have a minimum of five soffit lights in your room and more, depending on your room size. These lights allow you to have a bright room when you are working or dressing up and will also give you the dim and pleasant feel when you dining or spending time with your partner.

Facilities in Your Bedroom

We are done with the decor of your room. Now let’s pay attention to the facilities. It is because of the facilities that you choose to stay in a hotel even though it costs you more. These are a few must have facilities to be installed in your room, if you want your bedroom to make you feel like a hotel room.

Jacuzzi or a Bathtub
The washrooms in good hotels are very comfortable and luxurious. It has a jacuzzi, it is spacious and has large mirrors. Get yourself a jacuzzi or a fancy bathtub and place a long mirror along an empty wall in the washroom (Normally on either sides of the jacuzzi, if you have space).

Flat TV
Another must have is a TV. Get yourself an LCD TV and fix it on wall. Your TV should be kept in a position that you can lie down on your bed and can still see it comfortably. LCD TVs occupy less space and give a better view.

AC and a Heater
An AC and a room heater are two things you must facilitate your room with. You can adjust the temperature according to your needs and liking and be immune to the climatic conditions outside.

You don’t have to really spend a bomb in doing the things listed above. Most of the things mentioned would already be there, and you just need to rearrange them.

Work on the above given points and give your bedroom a hotel room-like makeover. Spray your favorite fragrance in the room, and make it feel like heaven. Keep your room as tidy as possible and keep it spacious and not stuffed with things. Only things that you really need should be kept. You can actually have a hotel room booked 24/7, right in your house.